What do you miss the MOST about the time BEFORE all this having babies stuff?

I barely remember a time when I didn't have kids... Well, I remember WAY back.. In college. etc... But as an "adult".. in my adultness.. post going out all the time.. I don't miss much.

There's a single lady - mid-30's maybe that lives in the apartment below me... I see her leave at 7 pm for the gym and saunter out for coffee and breakfast on Sunday's with her friends.. Sometimes I look at her dreamily and think... ahhhh... that's the life... But then I know, it's just moments where it's nice..

I think what I miss the most... is the ability to only think of myself. I don't mean that in a selfish way... I just mean, that even when my kids are in school or with their dad or I have a free hour while they're at a playdate, my MIND and Heart is still full and very busy... with concerns, worries, errands... My little free time is mostly consumed by errands and tasks that I try to get done so I don't have to drag them along...

I miss the freedom of my mind... I miss when the biggest the concern I had was if I should drive or my friend should drive us out to the beach for a hike... I mean obviously, I had other concerns... money, time, relationships, family, etc... But.. the constant weight of just how much I love my kids all the time.. and if they're okay, happy, healthy, fed well, etc.. Is a lot...

Like a constant tension of emotion... The only time that settles is when they they are right next to me... OR...if they are with their dad and I talk to them and they are happy and sleepy and safe... There is a moment where that tension releases for a bit... I miss that sometimes... a lighter soul...lol...


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    I am with you Lisa.. it was worse at first.. but getting better now. I feel like a week or so ago I had the realization that.. hello, I can't just wake up and chose NOT to be pregnant.. I have to stick it out. I am person who likes to be in control, of my body, everything.. so this has been a bit tough for me. Also.. anytime I can't have something, it obviously makes me want it MORE. I don't always have a beer or drink when we go out to dinner.. but now I think.. I WOULD SO ORDER ONE IF I COULD! haha
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