Cord Blood?

When I had my son, almost 9 years ago to the day (sniff)... The big thing was taking the cord blood and we chose not to do it.. Not sure why, pretty sure it was a money issue.. anyway.. I feel like it's something I wish I had done.. Just to safeguard anything... You never know... I don't live in regret for it or anything, but I look forward to the stories starting to emerge how it IS saving lives of children now...


    8Theresa Gould
    We looked into it when our doctor or hospital gave us info but decided against it. I understand how important and valuable storing the blood could be but just couldn't justify the extra expense for a "someday maybe we'll need it". At least that's how I approached it. Though, I can see us justifying the expense if something ran in the family that we were more likely to need the cord blood.
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