Sunday Night!

How do YOU gals spend your Sunday nights as Moms..

- do you prepare a lot for the week ahead?

- do you just relax and unwind?

- junk out and watch TV?

- plan your work week ahead?

I plan a little bit.. but I also have Monday as a work from home day. So a lot of the time Sunday is used to finally relax with my husband and rest :)

    I was on the conference yesterday - but usually I go to sportclub and swimmingpool, and then do shopping.
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          8Theresa Gould
          I spent it working since I had a shop that I wanted to complete all the requirements on so I wasn't rushed and it was done on time.

          Usually we relax though. Watch TV. I made a commitment several months ago to take weekends off for my family but on occasion I work. I was ahead in blog posts, thanks to the contributions of one of my contributing writers and I didn't want to do anything next weekend so I worked last night.
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