Hidden Dangers.. In Your HOUSE!?

I was surprised to learn of some household dangers that could be lurking since expecting a little one.. things we might not normally think of...

1 paint with high amounts of VOC.. obviously dangerous, but very much so in the newborn phase.

2 your make up products.. different skin care products can hold DBP, formaldehyde or toulene.

3 cleaning products.. obviously many things can be poisonous.

4 air quality.. how often do you really remember to change air filters?

5 mold.. a major YIKES that can sneak up/in houses.

6 plastics.. the whole "bottle" BPA issue to be aware of.

7 you water... purify it! (and never use it in a netty pot! ha)

8 your carpet... did you know your carpets are loaded with not only chemicals, but dust mites, dander and dirt?

9 your nursery.. the same VOCs can be found in baby furniture & linens.

10 your fridge... especially the way food is stored and handled.. if the baby gets in.. watch out!

Do any of these surprise you?

    For me whole this list is surprise... just because it's impossible to avoid all this things!
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