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It felt so clinical like I was going in for major surgery and not to have a baby. The lights were bright, so many people in and out of my room. After my son was born I remember trying to get some sleep with my little guy and being woken up at various parts of the night and having them take him away for checking and having his hearing tested and what not even thought he was a healthy baby boy NOT over weight he came in at 7 pounds 14 ounces and 21 inches long. I was so happy to get out of the hospital and the next evening and head home to relax.

While the experience wasn't horrible I knew when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I told my husband I didn't want to do another hospital birth. I wanted something different. So after doing a little research and speaking with some other I was told that the home birth was the best option.

Living in an apartment I did not think that my neighbors would appreciate the sounds of labor so I was able to find a birthing center where I could have my little one.

When I got there I met with the midwives and the place was really great it looked was a small house style office next to a preschool/Day care (fitting right?), and the first thing I noticed was the smell, it did not have the hospital smell. The entire place smelled of lavender and vanilla, there was a play area if you had another child and a library with all of the holistic parenting books you could find. We were given a tour of the center they had 3 bedrooms set up for giving birth. They all came with queen size beds, light dimmers, CD player if we wanted to have our own music to play. We had a mandatory class to take where we had to attend as a family they had a room with a daycare setup if we were not able to find someone to watch our son. We met with many great people who provided a wealth of information. Some of my favorite speaks was an infant and child chiropractor, a child store owner who showed us how to baby wrap our kids and the various wraps available.

The birthing process was something that I was not prepared for it was simply amazing. We were home most of the time I was in labor we called the midwife and kept her up to date on my labor and the contractions. My son was asleep and my mom lived in the apartment behind us so she came over and stayed with us. My husband and I took a walk it was a nice warm but breezy night so it was so nice and calming even with the contractions. I was able to lay down in my own bed and not a hospital bed during the contractions. I was able to use my own bathroom (which is when my mucus plug fell out and my water broke) then it was go time. The last phone call we made to the midwife was to let her know my water broke and our baby girl was on the way and so were we to the birthing center. Once there by the time I got in the room, with our supply bag (yes you may have to bring in your own basic supplies), got on the bed and it was time to push.

After birth she was not cleaned up like my son was in the hospital, they did clean her but they made sure to leave some of the Vernix on her to make the transition into the world easier on her skin. They even left the umbilical cord attached and un-clamped so she could get that last bit of nutrients my body could give her. Overall the experience is something I would do over and over again it was relaxing and very mommy, baby and family focused. I loved that my son was able to climb into bed with mommy and daddy and our new bundle of joy right there in the birthing center room it was amazing and such a special moment. The midwife I had was amazing and helpful and really listened to what I wanted out of my pregnancy and didn't question any choices I made, just made sure we were well informed and comfortable.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I had decent birth experiences in the hospital but we always felt we were not completely in control of our births so after our fifth child we had home births and neither of us has looked back or regretted our decision. My husband was so much more involved and while he loves all our children he has a special bond with the ones who were born at home because he caught each and every one of them. He actually delivered our seventh because the midwife got stopped by the police making her miss our son's birth by 5 minutes! It reminded us of something out of a TV show! But I loved the experience we had and our midwife let me labor the way I wanted to and it was so very nice to be at home for it all.
    Oh no. That was our biggest fear rushing to the birthing center was getting pulled over by the police. Yeah my husband and I said the next one we want at home since we finally have our own home and the neighbors would not mind...hopefully. Out of curiosity Theresa, having the baby at home did you do the checkups at home also or did you go to the birthing center for those?
    8Theresa Gould
    Celeste, we went to our midwife's office for prenatals. She came to our home once during my third trimester with the first one we had with her just to see where we lived and to know where she was going etc.
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