Do you Placenta?

Okay... Ew... and I mean that respectfully to those of you who are in favor of eating the placenta or worshipping it.. or whatever...

In fact, YOU are whom I want to hear from...

Cliff note version: Friend's sister... UBER granola... Vegan, raw food, no shoes, etc... lives in the woods... you get the pic... SAVED her placenta and made smoothies for her whole family to enjoy so they could all share souls and energy and all that and get the massive healing properties and vitamins from it.

Yuck. I'm sorry. YUCK... I kind of hope to meet her one day just to see her... She probably be nursing a ten year old... But I don't judge...

I'm fascinated by people... Love all the different stories... Just because something isn't for me... I still dig it,...

Tell me your placenta stories!!!

    8Theresa Gould
    Nope. Not my style.
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