What kind of birth did you or will you like to have??

I wanted straight up, hospital, birth with some sweet pain pills after. I won't apologize... I did an epidural and for my second one, wondered if they had a take home epidural.. I'm NO wimp... I just wanted this whole birth thing to go down without a hitch... and to enjoy it...

I can handle pain, but to do so, I need to disconnect from it and I didn't want to disconnect from this moment...

Who out there is the water birthers? Doula's? Home?

Any other unfamiliar types of birth you're looking into?

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    8Theresa Gould
    I had a medicated birth with my first. Not by choice. I don't even remember asking for drugs or an epidural but my husband said I did. It was my longest birth 24 hours from my water breaking to having baby in my arms.

    Second they induced me with pitocin but I had not other drugs.

    Third completely natural and she came fast.

    Fourth completely natural and calmest birth ever.

    Fifth the doctor did strip my membranes to see if we could get labor going as baby was a week and a half overdue (or not so overdue as he still had vernix on him). Otherwise completely natural.

    Sixth was a homebirth and was a wonderful experience.

    Seventh was a completely unassisted homebirth with just my husband and I. Our midwife arrived five minutes after baby was born.

    Eighth was my longest homebirth but I contribute that to the fact that my midwife's assistant was more hands on and kept interrupting my labor with her "checks". I did finally ask her to stop and my midwife backed me up, thankfully.

    I did take a homeopathy remedy for a couple of babies who were breech and yes they turned. With my last birth I took a homeopathy to help speed up labor, not sure if it worked or not but labor did progress faster from there and baby was born less than three hours later.
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