How MUCH was or will your husband (or baby daddy) be a part of your labor?

I was the type, that if he could leave and go smoke a cigar in the waiting room and I could privately give birth and then present us fresh and clean, I would have. I was so worried that I would punch him in the throat or say something terrible and even though I don't consider myself Vain..There is a sense of vanity and modesty that I DO have... Like.. Hmmm..DIDN'T want my husband all up in my business while my knees are at my shoulders...

Of course he wanted to be in there and I had strict rules that he STAY at my head until the baby came out... then.. fine...

My first... I was in labor for 16 hours and had been pushing for 3... This baby was big and sunny side up they think, but at one point, the nurse had to answer a code Blue or something and was holding my legs with me... and instructed my husband to come "take over"...

WHATTT?? Noooooo!!!!!

But at that point, I was like, HOLD ME FEET!!! Lets get this sucker OUT!

He was at my whole business... eye level... half a foot away, holding my feet so I could get my knees as close to my ears as possible so the giant baby would come out!!!

I might have pooped ON him. I still don't know.. and I'm certain he's erased it from his memory...

How involved was or do you think you want your baby daddy to be?

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