Pregnant but Still Had a Negative Home Test - My Experience

When i was trying to get pregnant with my first son I had no idea I was pregnant until I went to get another does of birth control pills. I remember the sadness I felt before I left for the doctors to get a prescription I had just taken a test before leaving and it was a negative...again.

I got to the doctor checked in and went through the usual motions, the when was your last period, when do you last have relations, etc. I knew my period was late but I figured it was just my cycle being off again.

The CNA wanted to go ahead and do a pregnancy test just to be sure. i figured why not. So we do the test and I am sitting there waiting, the CNA comes out and takes me to the room to wait for the doctor not saying anything.

The nurse comes in sits down goes through all the paperwork...still not saying a word. She looks up and says "Well I am not going to be able to give you the perscription today" I was a little puzzled but figured I had to come back or something so I said "okay I can pick it up tomorrow then?" she looks at me and smiles "No Celeste, I can't give birth control to a women who is already pregnant" and my heart dropped I was absolutely floored. I went from excitement to puzzlement I had just taken a birth control test at home and it said i wasn't pregnant.

She explained it simply that the pregnancy hormone that the home tests look for may have been to small to be picked up. She said many women need to wait until you missed your period to take the test and the earliest you can take the test is 14 days from possible conception.

I went home broke the good news to my hubby, excitement all around. I remember I was about 3 months along and i was cleaning the bathroom and found an unused test and wondered if it would come up odd as it sounds I felt kind of jilted that I didn't get to have the experience of having a positive test. So I used it lol and the results? Well I guess it would not be until my daughter that I would finally get my positive test because even though I was 3 months along it was STILL - not pregnant.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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    No she had no idea why even at 3 months it was still negative. In doing some of my own research it may have been the test I was using may not have been any good or it may have showed the second line but it was too faint for me to notice it. When it came to my daughter I used the one that gives you a digital read out of pregnant/not pregnant.
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      Interesting and how maddening that would be to get a negative test!
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