Should you be concerned about your toddler's pigeon toes

The age of your child matters a lot. Most kids do outgrow it, and it is pretty common to have pigeon-toed positions, "bow legs" etc. in young kids. By 3 it would be worth discussing with an MD and possibly considering a consult with an orthopedist, who may or may not want to actually do anything. It is one
of those situations where there can be several causes, and it is
impossible to specify beyond that without evaluating a child in person.

They may just take a conservative "watch and wait" approach or they may
recommend some sort of intervention. What intervention they'd use would
depend on the underlying cause, etc. And yes, the decision about
whether they'll recommend some intervention may depend on whether
function is affected (some kids have difficulty running or doing stairs
for example, some will not).

I actually read the suggestion of putting their shoes on the wrong feet:)

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    8Theresa Gould
    That's interesting about putting their shoes on the wrong feet. Cute. Cheaper than expensive orthopedic shoes! ;)
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