How do you politely refuse an inappropriate baby gift?

Did you read this article about what Katie Couric sent to Kim Kardashian's baby North?…

Not that we are celebrities with a beef with a jounalist, but how do you politely refuse an inappropriate baby gift? I am not sure Kim and Katie's social media exchange was the perfect example.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Well, what's inappropriate? A vaginal rejuvinator is inappropriate for sure, but ... a gift from someone that then spoke "badly" about you...Or from someone you don't like?

    I say, take the gift, say thank you and never return their calls... lol...

    On THIS particular incident... Kim I think is on high hormones...And I feel badly for her, because from what I can see what Katie said (yea, Katie and I are on first name basis)... She didn't say anything bad... at all.. Just a sort of passive way wondering about their fame... I GET how that could hurt Kim... But, c'mon!

    They're all famous off her sex tape.

    I should make a sex tape..
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