What do you wish you had known before becoming a mom?

I often say if only I knew how hard parenting was going to be....but I fear if I did I wouldn't have had children! I didn't know how mentally and physically exhausting being a mom is, though I had a glimpse of it when I bay sat from 7am-4 or 5pm five days a week, but I could leave my charges, as a mother we don't get to leave usually because we are on call 24/7.

I wish I had known to relax more with my first. I was a tense mama at times.

I wish I had known to set my expectations lower.

No one ever told me the intensity of love I would feel towards my child(ren). It's amazing how much love we have for these little people.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    People always say, "No one tells you how hard it is." But they do and they DID... I just didn't listen... or thought it would be different for me..Or that they were sucky parents... Or we are just pre-programmed to not "hear" that so that we continue to replenish humankind...

    I have a few friends that don't have kids and even though they are mature adults.. in their 40's.. they still have NO clue... One of my Best friend's just has no idea what it takes ... and not because she doesn't try.. But because she just can't know until she has one...

    One rainy Sunday, we were talking on the phone and she said, dreamily as she heard the kids laughing in the background, "Aww. you guys sleep in and just lay around all cozy watching a movie?"

    I'm like... no.... we were up at 6, they fought, we cuddled, they crafted, played swords, jumped on my bed, spilled my coffee, cuddled some more, fought over what movie to watch, got a time out, said sorry, we all played Uno and it's now JUST 10 am...
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