What comments from people annoyed you while you were pregnant?

The more children we had the more we seemed to be asked, "You know what causes that don't you?" It's like, really?!

Or "Are you done yet?"

Or the expression on their face when they realize you are not due any day now - I carried a lot of bigger babies 9-6, 9-6, 9-3, 9-8 and 9-10 were my heaviest babies so I was huge that last month.

"Trying for a boy are you?" after three girls.

"Aren't you or your husband going to get fixed?" or something to that affect and yes strangers and people we didn't know very well had the audacity to ask us this.

I know there were more specific to the size of my belly but I am just not thinking of them right now. My brain is fried.

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