What kinds of foods did you crave or have an aversion to during pregnancy?

During most of my pregnancies I craved at least one fast food whether it was Wendy's, KFC, Culver's or even McDonald's in one of my early pregnancies.

I could not cook meat during some of my pregnancies, especially if my sense of smell was really heightened.

In one of my pregnancies we were just starting to make and eat sour dough bread but it nauseated me so much we had to push that project to the side. We have yet to return to it.

How about you?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    8Theresa Gould
    The thing is we don't even eat a lot of fast food regularly, that's what was to weird about those cravings.

      One time while pregnant with my first.. my son. I bought one of those frozen cheesecakes from Trader Joes... and literally ate the whole thing in under 24 hours.. Maybe even 12 hours. I'm not proud. I just couldn't stop eating it with a fork.. I never even CUT myself a piece.. I just kept going back in for a forkful... Then it was like a third gone, but every time I walked away from it.. my mouth would literally WATER thinking of it and I would go back..

      My son hates cheese. Always has. Wonder why.
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