What's the best advice you received as a new mom or mom-to-be?

I think the best advice I received was from my grandmother, who had five children in five years. When I had our third child, who was also our third daughter, I asked my grandma how she did it and her response was to nap when they nap. It literally saved me. I was the kind of person who had to have her house spotless so I was always cleaning the house, on top of caring for and feeding my little girls but I was exhausted with 3 three and under. I felt immediate relief when I started napping with them. I had been given permission to rest and that's what I needed.

My former pastor's wife, whose five children I babysat for years, told me to just enjoy them (while they are little). I never did quite get what she meant and I tried my best to enjoy them, but I didn't understand the full extent of what she meant until my girls reached their teens and my husband and I have moments where we wish for them to be young again because time is going so fast. So I agree, enjoy each stage as it comes the good and the bad because the next stage will have different challenges and blessings.

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