Be careful what you pray for

I just turned down another two egg customers today and one was a regular customer who has been coming out every couple of weeks for 4 dozen....

I prayed for our farm business to grow but what I neglected to pray for was the wisdom and creativity to get me through the growing pains. I feel horrible turning people away. Now I fear they are all going to come back on the same day and I still won't have any eggs....yikes! I feel a nightmare coming on.

Have you ever wished back what you prayed for?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Totally can relate Theresa... Well, not on the eggs...

    I have prayed for things to happen and success on certain things, but I've recently stopped praying for an outcome and rather I'm trying (and it's really hard)... to pray for things within ME to grow or change so that the success CAN come and when they DO... I'm ready ... Well, that's what I'm trying to do anyway.. .

    My biggest prayer right now is for patience... I like to know if something is going to work out or happen right NOW... and I have to have patience and faith and trust that it will be as it is supposed to be... But there's something in me that requires certainty or needing to be prepared if it doesn't work out...

    Thank you for reminding me... and Good luck to you... Keep us posted!
    God Bless.
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