How long did you wait before taking your newborn out?

My sister in law just became a mommy and while I try my best to not say anything on how someone elses' baby should be raised something has bothered me, the baby has yet to have her first shots and they have taken her so many different places including the flea market. I went out if I had to, like the store or to my parents house but I held off going to quite a few places until my little guy had his first set of shots and I did the same with my daughter. Maybe it was just me being paranoid but I don't think a week old should go to the flea market around so many people just yet.

When you had your newborn did you go a lot of places before their first set of shots?

    8Theresa Gould
    Half my babies were born in February and March. The rest were April, June, August and September. The winter babies we kept in as long and much as possible because it was always cold and flu season. The others not so much. My June baby I was out strawberry picking with her in a sling when she was two weeks old. It is much different being outside with an infant than a crowded, stuffy building. And every mother is different. Waiting for vaccinations for some mothers is as much of a safety precaution as keeping them in during cold and flu season. Vaccinations are not fool proof.
    That is very true with the vaccinations. I have just always very worried about the kids catching something if I took them around a whole bunch of people. The Florida heat is ridiculous so I think that was my only concern. I know every mom is different and as this is her first child I remember there were a number of things I did with my son that I didn't do with my daughter but that also changed because we lived in the country with my son and in the city with my daughter. I will continue keeping my mouth shut...for now lol I already rearranged her diaper bag because it was such a hot mess :P She was grateful though so it is all good.
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