How do you to get kids to begin doing chores?

We try to assign age appropriate chores. Don't expect perfection or adult like cleaning or completion.

We have always taken advantage of our little ones desire to «help» while they are toddlers.

We have children start unloading the dishwasher at 15-18 months of age, depending on their ability at that age, some do better than others.

We get them to start putting their clothes away at a young age. Our 5 and 3 year old have been doing it for a couple of years. 

My little ones use to help me make my homemade wipes (I no longer have the time or luxury to do that!). They use to help me fold our cloth diapers.

Little ones can help carry in groceries, there's always lighter bags they can carry, and help put those things away.

Little ones can put clothes in the dryer as you had the clothes to them.

Little ones can help unload the dryer into a laundry basket as you hand the clothes to them.

Little ones can learn to make their bed, with mama's help, especially if it is close to the floor or a toddler size bed. 

I think it is much harder to just all of a sudden expect your children to start doing chores when they haven't been doing them all along.

We assign more work for those that grump over the chores given to them. It usually cures the grumps quickly in the more compliant children, the strong-willed children may receive multiple extra jobs before the message sinks in. We have not been consistent with this enough with our younger crew but are reaping the benefits of such training in our older girls. So we are working on this as I type because as our farm grows we need more efficiency and willing workers!

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    :) That's cool you actually remember.
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      Ha ha, smart kid you were, Leah!

      We don't do an allowance either but we are trying to get to the point where we can pay the children for farm work, not house work but farm work because it's extra work.
      8Theresa Gould
      :-) You know most toddlers will just mimic you as you do house cleaning and that's what we have tried to capitalize on. We are still a work in progress and many days it feels like an uphill battle to have the whole family on the same page but I have to remind myself, "They are children, not adults. They are children, not adults." We rely on them so much for a lot because they make most of the messes and then the farm on top of it.....A LOT.
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