Holding children back, when to make that decision

There are children I have held back because their handwriting was atrocious and I wanted them to learn to write legibly. I held them back from cursive if they could not print neatly. They could not advance to cursive until they took their time printing.

I have held children back in Math because I felt they did not know their math facts well enough to advance and they need(ed) that foundation before moving on to higher Math.

I have held one child back even though they could and can advance farther and faster because of an older sibling's issue with envy and jealousy, not to mention low self-esteem and confidence. I fear letting the younger advance at the detriment of the older one. This has happened to two sibling sets, though the second set did not have issues with envy and jealousy just felt they couldn't do things well if the younger sibling did stuff better and faster.

It's a fine line and I just hope and pray I am doing what's best for all of them. It's a struggle because I want them all to blossom and be their own individuals by not at the cost of another child's advancement. Yet, is that really what is best? I kept hoping it would get better as they get older but I am not really seeing it happen.

So hard....

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    8Theresa Gould
    We homeschool so at least it's in mine and my husband's hands to do what we think is right. I hate to think of battling teachers, principals and school districts....I like my simple life the way it is without complicating it! (wry smile)
    I intend to homeschool, unschool really, and have a big family. How does it work for you with seven kids? How do you balance it? Bravo, by the way!
    8Theresa Gould
    I don't know how to explain how it works, except our older girls are given their curriculum, resources and book lists to read and they are responsible to do it. For Math we have dvds which a teacher teaches the lesson and then they do their homework and tests. I even require my girls to correct their own tests with the answer sheets because I think they will get more out of it that way. I don't require them to do all the homework problems, just every other one. They are allowed to get at most 4 wrong in Math homework, if they get 4 or more wrong they have to go back and do the questions I allowed them to skip because they obviously didn't get the lesson.

    My younger ones all sit around the dining room table and do their school work. Lately my husband has been overseeing them. Though he has missed doing the reading lesson this week with one child, so we'll be doing those over the weekend to catch up.

    Our older girls will even correct the younger children's Math work, we don't require it but they'll do it if they are right there.

    We read a lot. Our motto has been if we teach them to read, and hopefully love reading, they can learn anything.
    "We read a lot. Our motto has been if we teach them to read, and hopefully love reading, they can learn anything" I loooove this. My husband and I are book addicts. Especially today with Google, that statement is so, so true. Amazing how you make it work! Thanks for the tips!
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