Business Owners How Do You deal with Growing Pains and Growth in Your Business?

We are experiencing some serious growth in our farm egg business and it's killing me not to be able to provide eggs for people who ask. This is what has happened this week alone:

15 dozen eggs bought and reserved for The Exercise Coach

3 dozen eggs bought and reserved by our CSA egg share members

4 dozen sold on Monday

4 dozen sold on Tuesday to two random people who stopped by the farm (we have a sign)

1 dozen reserved for Sunday

6 dozen reserved for Sunday or Monday

6 dozen reserved for Market next Friday because we are basically sold out

PLUS, last week a health food store we served 15-20 dozen 2-3 times last winter called to see if we had eggs and I had to turn them down.

We bought 25 more hens yesterday who should start laying any day now and we have another 25 coming mid-September but I am at a loss how to make these growing pains a smooth transition! But we also have to be mindful of our older hens who are not producing enough and prepare to replace them with new hens.

I know each business will be different but any thoughts and insights are welcome regardless.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    8Theresa Gould
    Thanks, Lisa. I "think" I've been doing that or at least hope so in a manner that's been clear to the customers I've had to turn away. Guess we'll see if they return next week!
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