I eat standing up. A lot.

My manners have hit the pooper… I just realized as I'm at my desk, eating an omelette that if anyone I knew actually SAW me, I'd be mortified. LOL...

I'm eating to feed my body… Like my stomach was growling, so I'm just getting it in, so I can move on and stay healthy and be energized... 

Last night, my kids had a «picnic» on the floor after school… They are wiped after two full days of school I let them just chill and I ate standing in the kitchen while putting dishes away...

A lot of moms eat on the go… I get it… It just is… In front of people I have great manners and my kids are fairly well trained too… juts struck me as funny… and gross...

    8Theresa Gould
    I find myself eating in front of my computer while working....A LOT. Not something I want to be teaching my children but sometimes I don't see anyway around it when I have so much to do. :(
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