Let's talk the seriously nasty things that NO ONE told me about that can happen during pregnancy...

SO… A lot can happen during pregnancy… my first was easy ice cream street… My 2nd… awful… The worst was the varicose veins I got… On the back of my legs… which swelled out and shown blue/green and ached so badly I could barely walk… I was 130 when I got pregnant at 5'8"… I gained 27 lbs total with my second… (very different from the 60 plus with my first)… and they were so ugly, I cried all the time… HERE is the secret… I had a vein that was swelling out of my… hoo ha… Yep… lovely right? You could feel it if you touched down there and it hurt and was awful… I didn't tell anyone except my Doctor and husband (of course he was bummed)… and I just got through it… Seconds after giving birth, my legs and vajayjay went back to normal… It's like she was sitting on something, a nerve or a vein or something… But THESE are the things we don't share... 

A friend had shingles… Awful right? Everyone talks the beauty of making a baby and it IS awesome… I'm grateful I had one of each to share with everyone… lol… well… not really but you know what I mean...

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    SHE SO POOPED... LOL.. And I Didn't feel the poop either... And in total honesty... You don't care. At all.
    I'm pretty raunchy with my words and sense of humor, so it sort of contradicts that I am NOT happy with farts or poop.. I'm pretty shy... I know..
    SO, it was something I was worried about... Mostly in front of my husband...
    But I will say... You don't care.. there is so much going on down there and you just want to get the baby out..
    But you don't know that you're pooping... that area is a blur of... pain.. And GOD BLESS the nurses... Cause I would be so grossed out...
      8Theresa Gould
      What about sciatica? I had it so bad I literally had to crawl to the bathroom and even sitting on the toilet hurt because my sciatic nerve was pinched so bad. Talk about uncomfortable!
        I saw this post read all the comments and have to say I wish I had known all this back in 2012 when I was pregnant with my twins. I too had the bulging vein in the vajayjay!! And yes it was gross!!

        Although it's not gross just more of an annoyance...during my pregnancy my nose swelled to twice the size it normally was and to top it off I felt like I turned into Chewbacka!!! I was so damn hairy I couldn't believe it....my butt...yes that's right my butt...and even my face I started seeing extra hair on the side of my face like sideburns!! Oh it was awful!!!

        They say a girl steals your beauty and boys make you hairy well folks I am living proof they certainly do!!!
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