What Do You Think of School All Year Round?

My mom and I were talking about this, this morning. We both agreed that it would be the best thing for kids. Not sure if any state in the United States has school all year-round but my sister and I went to school all year-round when we lived in Japan.

My mom loved it. On an educational stand point it would put kids ahead. We were on a singletrack system in Japan where we had shorter breaks during the year. She remembered when we came back to the states,and we were ahead educationally than other kids our age. 

As a mom I have to say I am for this. While it may shell-shock some kids who are not used to this in the long run it may be appreciated. I like to continue some schooling over the summer like my mom did with my sister and I but I think that if summer was shorter kids would retain more.

In doing some research I found a pretty informative article on this on the Huffington Post. The article shows points from those that would approve year-school like it would give children from low-income areas a chance to have more healthy meals (I have seen the lunch they give my son at his school, and I must beg to differ...granted its not as bad the grease pile my highschool called «pizza»).

In speaking with my son's kindergarten teacher I think year-round school would help teachers feel less rushed in trying to cram so much work and knowledge into a short span of time. She had to all but cut out play time to ensure she had enough time to get everything she needed in. 

So what do you think about going to school year-round? Do you think it could help or hinder our kids?

Here is a link to the article I found on Huffington post about it: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/13/longer-s…

    8Theresa Gould
    We've homeschooled year round but I think it burned me out so the past couple years we have taken the summer off and used it as make up time for the subjects we fell behind in.
      I think round year schooling is a brilliant idea! Most other developed countries, like you were saying Japan, favor this approach and we can see their advancements. It is a common theme with my teacher friends that the first month or two after summer is trying to catch the kids up on stuff they should already know. So, it seems like we waste learning time re-teaching things and not learning new material. For people in favor of family vacation time and summer camps, I would say those things could be accomplished in a shorter period of time. How about one full month off?
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