Nursery Essentials!

I am definitely a «less is more» type of gal… unless it comes to clothing and shoes… those you can never have enough of ;) Ha! 

Anyways… I would love to know, for the Moms who have already gone through it all… nursery essentials — they can be anything you know you used and needed… furniture essentials (rocker, small night stand, foot stool, anything), organizational tools, lighting, window treatments, spill it!

I am practically organizing what I want the nursery to look like in my mind… and the vision I see is clean, minimal and essentials only :)

    8Theresa Gould
    I am a less is more person too and probably would shock most with how little we get along with for a baby.

    Essentials for me was a rocker/recliner, so often you get so sleep while nursing or feeding a baby, not to mention the fact you are a new mama and going on a lot less sleep! This kind of chair enabled me to be comfortable while I nursed, as well as fall asleep if need be. Don't worry I never dropped my baby!

    Changing stations with wipes and diapers. We usually had one upstairs, downstairs and in the car of course.

    Packed diaper bag ready to go so whenever we wanted to go out we were not scrambling to get everything together. I feel so disorganized when I have had to do that! I would often just leave the diaper bag in the car if not much was taken from it. But if we were gone for an extended time it would need to be brought in to be replenished with supplies and the dirties and garbage taken out.

    Bouncy chair (a car seat will work too if you don't want the extra equipment) was a lifesaver because I could move baby from room to room as I worked. Baby loved being with me and watch what I was doing.

    I didn't have these until a few years ago but room darkening blinds are wonderful. They enabled me to take a nap (I learned to nap with my little ones when I had 3 ages 3 and under) during the day when I would otherwise be kept awake due to it being too light out. They are also great in kids rooms because in the summer it blocks out the light nights!
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