School Uniforms Yes or No?

I grew up a military brat and always went to a private school uniforms and all. I remember my first time in a public school without an uniform and that feeling of needing to have the cutest outfit was overwhelming for a growing girl. Then I remember just complaining about needing the newest top or dress now that I have kids of my own I WISH their school had uniforms. 

Granted at the age of 4 and 6 I do not have much to worry about but when you see two little girls bragging about their new Bratz shoes or boys showing off their new Angry Birds shirt I know the time will come when my two will complain about not have the latest and greatest outfit.

Uniforms put everyone on the same playing field, no worry about the cutest top or instead of paying attention to class and studies, paying more attention to what Joe or Jane has on. 

What do you all think? School Uniforms yay or nay? (would love the opportunity to create a poll).

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    I know right! My sons school used to do uniforms but not anymore :( There is a charter school I want to try and get my two into and they have uniforms. I cannot wait. Aside from the pressure on the kids there is pressure on the parents because who wants their kids to feel bad about themselves. No matter how much you work to build their self-esteem it is still there and kids are A LOT meaner than when I was in school.
      I have taught in schools both private schools with uniforms and in public schools without uniforms, and I definitely prefer environments where there are uniforms. I agree there is less talk of who has what when they don't have their attire to compare.
        Yesss for uniflrms it stops the jealousy an puts focus on school not clothing,i wore uniform 1-12 grade,i wish my kids school would get on board with it
          Ever Lopez
          UNIFORM at all times. it will stop children making fun of other less fortune! children need to be more focus in there ABC than what number Jordan they wearing!
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