Weight Gain During Pregnancy... I know..Right?

Fifth month check-up… My Doctor comes into the room, reading my chart and says, «Well, I see you've been watching your weight… GO UP!» and laughs with my husband… NOW, I have a good sense of humor… and yes, I had gained 18 pounds in ONE month… And I laughed along, but dude… Don't laugh at a pregnant lady that put almost a full 20 on in 4.2 weeks... 

Love my OB... 

SO… my first pregnancy… I let it go man… I was so happy and round and no issues and I literally ate ice cream daily and craved fruit punch… so yes, I deserved the 18 lbs… But I didn't care... 

Of course… the real threat here is potential issues… Gestational diabetes, blood pressure, edema, blood clots… you know small things… SO, I cannot tell you to just let it go… But, I will say… If you do have a stellar month like I did… It's OKAY... 

My total gain for my first was 62 pounds… I'm 5'8 and started at 125… Two days after I gave birth, 40 of it gone… Man, was I puffy and swollen… thanks August in the Valley... 

All I'm saying… is eat well, healthy, walk if you can, work out if you can… and ENJOY!!!!!!!

Who else gained a third grader while pregnant?????

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    8Theresa Gould
    My weight gain varied but I think I gained the most with my first, my second, third, fourth and fifth right around 15-25 lbs. My last three probably more but not as much as my first. I still have it to lose. :( I have the mid life issue going on right now and a stationary job....unless I am working outside and hauling 50 lb bags of feed around the farm but that's why I have a strong 11 year old son! :)

    I lost 10 lbs with my fourth and think I only gained 15 lbs with him now that I think about it. He ended up weighing 9 lbs 8 oz! I was a bit overweight when I started having children 162 and 5'3. All my babies were 8-9 lb range and two was just under 8 lbs.
      Ah! I find this so interesting! I am 5'2 (on a good day) and typically weigh around 110.. I am a little over 3 months, 14 weeks.. and honestly, gained a pound of two, depending on how much I eat from day to day.. trust me, I do not always eat healthy and I do not restrict myself.. I love to eat! But I also workout daily and I am really active. The doctor said she isn't concerned at all now... I am slowly (barely) showing.. and I certainly know that the number will go UP! ha
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