All The Marketing To New MOMS... May make you totes cray cray.

First, I want to say, that when I had my first son… I read every book, googled everything… I even thought about cloth diapers, etc… The works… What to eat, sleep, mediation… ugh… It drove me to insane, weird places... 

All these books and ideas and do's and don'ts and harmful baby bottle chemicals were making me feel like raising a healthy child was near impossible and GOD forbid if there were preservatives OR I Did NOT make my own baby food, then my children would pay the price for it...

Grain of salt. 

I don't want to tell any expecting or new moms anything, because everyone has to figure it out for themselves. And high PROPS to the moms that CAN do everything «right» (i.e… organic baby sling, baby bullet your own food, nurse until they're 10, no BPA bottles, wooden toys, cloth diapers, Non toxic sunscreen… and on and on....)

But I gotta say… I did a lot of things «right» and I used earth killing diapers and bpa bottles AND put them in the microwave, AND I stopped nursing at 7 months and one was a bottle baby… I used silicon pacifiers, let them chew on non organic material, placed them on their bellies, used sunscreen on them BEFORE 6 months and in the pool they went before 6 months… I never, EVER made my own food… ever… I maybe mashed a banana once… ONCE… maybe... 

My point is… I actually don't know… My POINT… is to all the new and expecting moms… it's ok… Don't fret or stress over everything that you are supposed to be doing for them… My kids are happy, healthy, funny, silly and WELL... 

Everything in moderation… But when you read something on the internet or an article or in a mommy book, they are just a perspective… and idea… someone' thoughts… so, take from it something, but don't make it everything… Breathe... 

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    Good Lisa!!! I don't want to discount ANY baby info out there... BUT... It's all SO much... and like anything... IN MODERATION...

    Sure! NON BPA FREE bottles COULD be bad for your kids and MAY cause cancer... But do you know how MUCH they have to digest to actually make that claim sound and provable? Like actually EAT the bottles AFTER over Microwaving them... It's all too much... They play on a parent's fears... Do the best you can to just be healthy with them... that's all...
      8Theresa Gould
      It took me awhile to get this when it came to parenting our children, not so much the baby stuff. I finally had to take bits and pieces of parenting philosophies and create my own, what was right for our family. It took such a huge load off.
        Ah, thank you Jessica! As a first time expecting Mom.. it certainly is overwhelming. I think tho... over the past few years watching my friends have kids, I am not as timid in making choices mentally that I would/wouldn't do. I already don't want all the advice and how my experience was stories from them.. I feel like my journey, labor, delivery, baby, kid, raising them will be as different as I am from them... thus sorting it out for myself is something I am kind of looking forward too.. is that weird? Ohhh probably haha
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