How to Treat an Earache in Toddler

Thankfully earaches have been few and far between among our children. I contribute it to the breastfeeding. However, when our oldest did get an earache, antibiotics were prescribed to her but the doctor admitted that it was more for us as parents to make it feel like we were actually doing something for our child. She even said earaches tend to take care of themselves. That surprised me, but then again I had asked about the over prescribing of drugs in this nation, especially antibiotics. She was just answered truthfully, I guess.

1. Going to the doctor and getting antibiotics.

2. warm compress held to his ear or eardrops (the doctor can tell you more about what kind of eardrops)

3. Elevating their head while they are resting or sleeping.

4. Watching a funny movie to get their mind off the pain.

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    Yes, we've tried putting 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils behind the ear lobe. Not in the ear. Never in the ear.
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