Tips on Baby Proofing Your Home

How you baby proof your home will depend a lot on the lay out of your home and your comfort level of providing a safe environment.

The number one areas I really baby proofed our home is under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. I grew up in a home where all the chemical cleaners were kept under the sink and that's what I did when I got married and had a home of my own. But once baby came I moved all those icky chemical cleaners to the shelf above my washer and dryer and on the top shelf of our linen closet.

To be honest we didn't even really use baby gates. We tried them but never had one that would stay in place and I worried baby would push it down and fall down the stairs anyways. I am sure there are better made ones now, I just never trusted the ones I came across or used.

We also put in electrical socket covers.

With one child we had to put door knob covers over the front door and garage door so they would not escape out of the house! Need to find those again now that my youngest is getting taller and stronger — thankfully we have heavy doors here but as a precaution I think I will purchase those again.

We would close the bathroom doors once baby was on the move.

I even blocked of our little galley kitchen when our children were little just to keep them from under food while cooking. Yet sometimes, especially while backing, I would put baby in the kitchen sink to «help» me bake. And no none of my children ever fell out of the sink. I was never far from my little ones when they were in the sink. It worked in the size kitchen I had at the time.

We put up the cords to blinds as they are a hanging hazzard. We would fling them up over the curtain rod so little ones couldn't tug them down and hang themselves. Eventually, we bought cordless ones though.

We hid as many electrical cords behind things as functionally possible.

If you have a pool, there are a lot more things to consider in keeping your children safe — make sure your pool meets your towns pool requirements, have a gate or fence around, keep the gate closed, make sure all doors leading to the pool are closed behind each one moving through them. Keep pool supplies behind lock doors.

Those are all I can think of right now.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Lisa, those refrigerator door "locks" do not work. At least the ones we tried. We have a toddler who likes to get his own juice and does not seem to understand that everyone is suppose to only have a cup of juice at breakfast! I let him have more after he weaned and he seems to think that's the way it should be so we purchased those baby proofing fridge door locks but they didn't work, unfortunately.
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