MENU planning for busy bee Moms!

Ah… plannng… meals!

Do you gals do it? I like the IDEA of it… but I only have a husband to really try it out on at the moment :) We did have a niece stay with us a week last Summer and it was fun to try out meal planning on her — it let my creative side come out!

Here are a few thoughts on making it not so daunting perhaps...

— plan a week ahead! set aside a Sunday night or Saturday afternoon to get the groceries, plan, prep and make! It can be simple easy lunches, frozen meals you can reheat through the week… anything you like

— saves money! this is obvious :)

— saves time! doing it in one chunk can really save so much time during the week!

— saves SANITY! I seriously think it would cut down on stress, confusion, commotion and issues during the week if you knew what was happening when!

— leftovers… this always leaves room for something added leftover :)

— teaches kiddos importance of priorities and organizing — this is kind of obvious, but valuable in the long run!

Do you all plan meals ahead? Of any sort? Do you have a schedule or do things as they come? I would love to hear!

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    8Theresa Gould
    I don't meal plan as much as I use to, but really need to get back to it with our busy lifestyle. Maybe that will be my project for winter so next spring and summer we aren't scrambling for meals.
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