Baby on a.. SCHEDULE!

Goodness… I hope this is a hot topic!

What does it look like when you bring baby home — schedule wise — I want honest feedback as to when even a small routine/schedule was able to be made. I know all babies are different, all families are different… but how long was it a blur for ladies? :)

Obviously some parents stick to schedules much more than others… lately I have read a lot about bedtimes and routines. Some of my girlfriends stick with a strict… they go to bed at 7! Every night. But then I read a few great posts about watching for signs when the baby is sleepy, as opposed to setting them right down at a certain minute. Granted… the time is typically around the same time… give or take 30 minutes… but I feel like it's an interesting topic to discuss. 

Say… we see some babies out with parents for late dinners… but other parents I know would never take a baby out that late. What are you gals' thoughts on all this? 

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    He cries, you feed him; she cries, you change her; he cries, you rock him. You get the idea. And for some parents, the unpredictable nature of when he or she will nap, poop and even eat is at times a bit frustrating.
    The first three newborn months are basically going to be a free-for-all when it comes to napping, sleeping and eating.
    Once your baby hits about three to four months old, you might notice that he or she starts to fall into a somewhat regular routine.On the other hand, your baby might not have any regular rhythm at all, even well past three months.
    I am type of parent who likes to be in control with an organized daily schedule.I do believe that children function better when they have a predictable routine. At the same time I am not an extreme scheduler. My son can stay up late if he does not have school next day, or we are on vacation.
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