Sleeping Positions While Expecting!

Man alive… I never thought this early that my sleep routines, patterns and positions would need to change — I am 14 weeks along but it already feels different when I sleep.

Did you all notice your positions or patterns change? I am actually getting into a better groove now that I am a little further along… I need a pillow next to me at night or between my lil legs already! I am dreading what the bed will look like 6 months from now… my husband might not be in it! haha

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      I slept sitting up for most of my pregnancies.. I just couldn't get comfy and had some Digestion issues amongst other gassy things happening.. Yup.. I was a real treat.. Got my husband back for his snoring... Which I realize will stop if I place a hand gently on the side of his face... and when I say, by placing a hand gently on his face, I mean shoving him until he rolls over and shuts up...

      That;s early though... Rah roh...
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