pain inside vagina during pregnancy

 The good news is that these pains are rarely a sign of a serious problem. They are usually caused by stretching ligaments and pressure from your growing baby on nerves in your pelvis. These kinds of pains last only a few seconds. They should not last for long periods of time. 

If I remember rightly, this happened to me for like the last two or so months of my pregnancy. I'd be walking and all of a sudden I'd feel a sharp pain in my vagina that would, yes, stop me in my tracks. I always wondered what it was from but no one seemed alarmed by it, and my OB noted that all sorts of peculiar sensations can occur in the body of a pregnant woman. 

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      8Theresa Gould
      I do not remember this particular pain so much as my sciatica, back pain and the pain of baby crowding my tummy and sticking his or her foot in my rib!
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