Tips For Potty Training A Strong Willed Child...

I had and Have a strong willed Son. I'm glad for it until it works against me. 

This kid did NOT want to se the potty… and we were going on close to 3 and he was starting a pre-school and I did NOT want others changing him… So, I tried everything… stickers… sticker on the bottom of the potty to aim for, etc… A musical toilet… A freaking MUSICAL toilet… And that kids pooped NEXT to it… to spite me I feel.

OH, it was on...

So, I told him as we neared the last case of diapers… that he had just so many left and then they didn't have his size anymore… and then the next day, I told him the same and so on… Until about 5 days… we really were on the last diaper… and when we left the house, I was prepared for a few messes… During the countdown… we still practiced at home, etc.. 

So, there we were… leaving the market and sure enough… he had to go and peed all over me… But, I didn't clean it right away… We were ten minutes from home and I told him nicely and warmly, «Uh oh… that can happen. Remember when you feel it, to tell me..» and by the time we got home he wanted OUT of his wet pants… I did the same every day for 2 days straight… two accidents a day and we were done with diapers.. 

Still used a night time diaper of course for a while, but that was dry in a month or so...

I guess I had to give him NO alternative. He always knew there were diapers… he knew… I wanted him to know… and to feel like he had no choice but to be a big kid. 

A friend of mine said I was mean… In a nice way. of course… She knows I can be tough on my kids to get results. But I get them. He knew that I was not messing around… and caught on..

If you're up for it and willing to handle some messes in public and your car (yuck)… this was the only way for me… I did the same with my daughter, but she was like, Okay… coolio... 

Different kids though...

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