Starting an ANTI BULLYING program for 2013!

What a hot topic… almost sad this needs to be a hot topic… but it does.

The stories I hear on the news… the stats of kids… something has got to change. Sometimes change is easy as happening as in the home, but more times than not, it has to seep over into the school system as well.

I have been out of school for years now… what I remember elementary and high school to be like… they are not anymore. I drove by a local high school and literally GASPED at even the clothing I saw… let alone what I would see/hear in the school hallways nowadays. But the underlying issue that seems to be more and more common is bullying… and HAS to stop.

I think the idea of starting an ANTI BULLYING program at your child's school is awesome, moving in the right direction and foremost sets a good example for your own child. I don't have a child (yet) but working with a local allergist, we have started to dabble into this due to the increase in food allergy bullying… yes, it sadly exists. It can be so bad as to kids who have life threatening peanut allergies being taunted with peanuts around them or threats of being touched/exposed to their deadly allergy — TERRIFYING. 

Anyways… the bottom line is… YOU can do something! Kids (elementary, high school) think they know it all, think they are invincible, they think the world revolves around them so often… they are so out of touch with others feelings and how their actions can hurt others — this has got to change. I think change first begins in the home… learning how to respect others, even if they are different from you… being a good example of this as an adult is a huge first step. But what if a child has a bad home life, school is the place it needs to be taught then.

Some ideas to start are as follows...

— get in contact with the appropriate school person (ie… teacher, nurse, principal, parents group..)

— express your interest in helping spread awareness about bullying, stopping it in your own school and wanting to be a resource for kids

— make a plan, make a name, make it come to life 

— network with other parents who feel the same way… who want to stop something before it ever starts

— set time aside for planning, meeting, working together

— know that you can make a difference, just one person can

— get the kids involved! if your own kids take pride in what you want to accomplish… chances are that their friends will want to too

I firmly think that most kids WANT to do good… they just need guidance and help… and YOU, as a parent can provide that.

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      This is going to sound hard... But the mean kids at our school have A hole parents...Apple from the tree, whatever... rotten apple - same applies... It starts at home.. I have never seen a really sweet couple of parents and a kid that is just mean and out of control...
      Some mean ness is normal.. they're kids... I'm talking about the aggressors... the jerks, the ones that go out of their way to bully....
      Me too! But bullying back then was making fun of my blue eyeshadow and frizzy hair and calling me "missile tits" (that one was fun... and kinda true... lol... so time for a bra).. now a days kids are planning beatings and jumping and Youtubing it...
      Again, though... where are the parents.. after school activities? The kids getting jumped are by the ones that have nothing to do... no place to be after school and hanging out on the curb...
      Maybe I'm just getting old...
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