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Children walking on tip toes – normal or a problem

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I would say a problem if it is a consistant thing. When children play around and walk on tiptoes thats ok, but i have seen grown adults walking on tip toes and it is something they have done their whole life. Their parents never corrected the issue. This can damage muscles in the upper ball of your foot. If it becomes an everyday on going issue i would consult a doctor.


My nephew walked on his toes forever and I believe he still does and he is autistic (he was diagnosed with Asperber's) and I knew of a little boy that walked on his toes and he too was diagnosed with autism. I'm not saying if you walk on your toes you're autistic but I have heard that it is a sign and have seen two different people that are autistic both walk on their toes unintentionally.


My daughter walks on her tip toes, but can walk normal just fine. It is something she just likes to do. In fact not only does she walk on her tip toes she walks on her toes like a ballerina. Not sure where she learned to do it, but she finds it funny. I'm am not worried about it and she will probably grow out of it eventually. I reminder when we are out and about to "walk on your feet, not your toes


It's NORMAL! I would not be worried about this. It will most likely be just out of habit. I always walked on my tip toes just out of habit. Or trying to keep quiet. hehe sneaky sneaky.. I never had any issues. So don't over-think or worry about it too much. I'm an adult and still walk on my tip toes sometimes!

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Toe walking could just be a habit that a child does as they are learning to walk. A few other reasons they may walk on their toes:A short Achilles tendon. This tendon links the lower leg muscles to the back of the heel bone. If it's too short, it can prevent the heel from touching the ground.Autism. Toe walking has also been linked to autism, a complex group of disorders that affect a child's ability to communicate and interact with others.

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it is a sign of autism and if you are seeing any delays you may want to get your child evaluated by a developmental pediatrician or a neurologist.

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Children walking on tip toes – normal or a problem
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