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Do you vaccinate your baby

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All my children were vaccinated and have never been sick because of them. I belive in vaccinated. I had a friend who refused to vaccinate her daughter and her daughter got seriously ill.


yes i have my baby goes every 2 month and my 2 oldest goes every yr for there boosters!


yes we vaccinate our kids when they dont get their shots they get sick really easy so we chose to vaccinate our kids and i get tired of taking them to the doctors every time they get sick


I do not vaccinate, I have not made a decision whether or not I will in the future. I feel like to each his own, but right now I feel like my baby doesn't need vaccinations till at least 2. Why? I just don't like putting foreign things into my new little baby… I feel like waiting if not skipping it all together is fine and I like to stay as natural as possible. My problem is why people feel the need to take the right away to decide… Every parent feels differently about their decisions and if mine is not to vaccinate why make me feel crappy? I do what I think is best for me and my family. I support any parents decisions On this as long as they do research!


I have 3 kids. One of them is extra sensitive to vaccines to the point of reactions. I delay vax, and she doesn't get more than 2 vaccines at a time: I think vaccines are important, but when a child has reactions you must take certain precautions.


It makes me upset when people put their kids at risk of life-threatening illnesses because of fear of autism. I can understand many other reasons not to vaccinate, even if I do not agree with them, but fear of autism as a reason to put your child at risk of DEATH?

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Do you vaccinate your baby
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