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Best paying work from home jobs for stay at home moms

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If anyone is interested in a great paying, prov-en work from home opportunity. I work from home aside a great company and I love what i do I mean LOVE what i do, so i thought i would introduce it to my FB friends, to become an Internet referral agent, no prior experience or degree needed, you do not have to purchase a kit or packet mail, you do not have sell or assemble anything. I just post on the Internet, answer calls and assist my clients when needed (customer service type stuff). You can receive your first pay check in as little as 3 days, and im not joking when i tell you this. Don't continue being an employee be and employer and get paid this week. If you are interested please send me a friend request, and then in box me and that's all. Only available in USA and Canada. Miguet Carter Haynes on Facebook!


I just saw these posts regarding working from home. I was a dedicated worker for companies in my job career and they all ended the same. I worked hard and made them a lot of money. When I left each job I left behind all my hard efforts of building their dream. I took some time off and then searched for my new path. I found what I was looking for with a Wellness Company that changed my life. I started using their products because I wanted to remove the toxins I was bringing into my home and after a year I realized how great these products were. I decide to start the business....Now I am building a business where all my efforts will last a lifetime and pay me a residual income. I no longer exchange an hour’s worth of time for an hour’s worth of pay. I love what I do everyday! I market & educate families on how to buy better common household products for their home at a great value. The company does ALL the rest. I have an entire company that is my staff and I don’t have to pay them!!I am building a team who is working together to help families pursue their dreams, as I have done. Together we are building a legacy of health, environmental education, green living, friendship, and wealth. It is a perfect fit for our busy lifestyle of family activities and sports. I work around my family and my daily life and I am home every day cooking dinner and helping with homework. I am sharing this because I found something that fit my life. This business may not be for everyone but if I can help you change your life I would honored.


@debi Thanks!
I was willing for a job. I think your suggestion will be helpful for me.!


I actually don't know of any because I'm looking for one. And that's because I'm a caregiver for husband who is a wounded worrior. I was getting paid for being his caregiver at first but the army is having budget cuts so the first to go was the caregiver's pay. I'm still his caregiver its just without the pay . So now I'm looking for a job that I can do from home because of our situation. So if you guys know of any please let me know because I am looking.


If you're looking for work at home jobs, you may find this thread useful in your search:


Here's another one you can check out:


Think about what kind of interests and skills you have. Is there a particular field you'd like to work in? Do you have particular skills or experience in something?


I'm currently trying to find a job where I can work from home. I have a five year old who will be going to school full time and has bad asthma so I would like to be able to be home if she needs me unlike the job I have now that I have been at for 15 years and have struggle to keep my job when she's been sick and hospitalized more then once in a year. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


I work from home... I teach college online. i believe I get paid pretty well considering I do not have to commute and work from home... but my position did come with a student loan... LOL!

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Best paying work from home jobs for stay at home moms
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