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Letting your child sleep naked? Yes or no?

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Yes it's better for the skin and they will not have any self-esteem problems in the future.


I don't see a problem with it...my daughter is 5 and usually sleeps naked or in her panties...whatever she is comfortable in


I really don't see what the big deal is about letting a child sleep naked in their house in their own bed. My daughter(14) sleeps with clothes on but my 3yo son has slept naked or mostly naked since he was potty trained at 2.5. He likes to run around the house with a shirt and naked bottom so he generally sleeps the same way. He understands that he can only do that at home and that he can't run around naked in public, daycare friends/families houses etc.


My youngest sleeps in just his underwear but I make all my children sleep in at least that not naked


no way to that idea.
Not really right in your mind to let the kids go naked.


No way.


Umm.... I'm sorry but why would anyone let their child sleep naked???? I mean I can understand if they're still in diapers or learning to potty train and it's hot or they're sick (fever) than ya ok as long as they're in a diaper or pull up. But I wouldn't let my kid sleep naked.


My daughter strips everything but get diaper at bed time. I don't mind I want her to sleep comfortably

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Letting your child sleep naked? Yes or no?
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