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Moms, what are your tips for an at home business?

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My biggest tip is don't get into a business that is going to force you to spend extra money every month. If you are going to be in a product based business, make sure that the products are things that you are already using everyday.


My biggest tip for an at home business is to never give up! By that, I don't mean... stick with the very first project you ever started ever and never switch paths. I mean keep trying until you find what works for you and stop if it's not RIGHT for you.


I think the networking is the most important thing you said when it comes to my business. I have to invest the time to get what I want and networking takes time to be successful.


Make a schedule and stick with it. For example if you want to work 9-5, then do it and stick to that schedule or the business could quickly overtake your life.

To get new business or clients it takes constant marketing.

When you first start a business don't expect to make money right away.

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Moms, what are your tips for an at home business?
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