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Married mothers, do you ever feel like a single mom?

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Sometimes because my husband works long hours and is exhausted when he gets home. But I don't mind doing it on my own.


I can't say that I have ever felt like a single Mom. Even being home all day with my son and being the one doing all the care of him and the cooking and cleaning. That was what we agreed too when we decided that I would stay home, so I knew what I was getting into. I think that it helps me that me and my husband always take time to spend together everyday. We put Tristen to bed and then we talk and relax together. Some days we wait to eat until we put him to bed and then we sit at the table and eat together and connect. It really helps me feel like he is a part of our everyday lives even though he is not here during the day.


A lot of single people are happy, so it is hard for me to know what it like to "feel single". I do feel alone and unappreciated. I do all the housework, and most of the child care, but I also have a full time job. He works too, but the home stuff is not divided evenly at all. Where I used to be a sahm, I picked up all the work and it was fine, now that I have a job, he says it is still my job to do all the work because his job is better paying, even though I work late into the night 5 days a week. While I know I am not single, as being single has a lot of freedoms, I certainly don't feel married, and I haven't for quite some time!


Yes I do specially being a SAHM he works from 3 pm to 1130 pm and in the morning he sleeps until 10 or so... so what I had come to the conclusion is that I'm a single mom with a husband that take care financially of the house!!! Sad but most woman go through this!!!


My husband works from 6 am til 10 pm due to how his work schedule is always getting jobs added and taken away during the day. He works for dish network and they have the strangest work week schedules I have ever seen. Two weeks in each new month he has work everyday except for one day. The other weeks he gets two days off and sometimes four days off. I have to say it's rare he gets four days off. I hate how much they make him work cuz my son has a ritual of spending an hour each night with his daddy and refuses to go to bed when daddy's not home. So he will fight his sleep until he sees his daddy. And that's usually when I find myself desperate for daddy to be home. The work days he has scheduled makes me feel very much like I'm a single mom when I know I'm not!


Though I am not married, David and I are in a committed relationship and plan to be married. We've been together for 3 years so far and have Lucas together and Abigail (his daughter). When he's at work on Saturday's and Sunday's, he's there for 12 hours. So, on those days I might feel like a single mom because it's just me all day.


There are times I do feel like a single mom. I am with the kids all day, every day. I have very little help from my husband most nights that he is home. The key for me is to make him understand when I need a break and to actually do something about it.


Even though Trevor is gone from early morning, til lunch for an hour, and then gone again until 3-4pm, and rarely helps out afterwards, I don't feel Single, or lacking. Even when he was gone for 5 months in Training, I never felt Single. I knew he was working hard and doing things he didn't want to do in order to support us. Even now, with a potential deployment coming up, I won't feel Single.

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Married mothers, do you ever feel like a single mom?
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