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How did you pick a name for your baby?

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We wanted family names. We had middle names picked out first. Depending on what we had the names would of been either James Royal or Rose Marie. James Royal won that one.


My husband has two other children from a previous relationship. They were named after their grandparents and a president.
1. Taylor Aniyah Nancy
2. Madison Andrea Sharon
They decided to give the girls each a name that they had choose dad picked first name mom picked middle. We decided to name our daughter after a president we went back and forth between Reagan and Kennedy. We decided to go with
3. Reagan Corrine
I always wanted to name my daughter after my grandma so she only has 1 middle name.


We talked about it and decided to stick to our Italian tradition and give our pumpkin an Italian name. The girl name is Gianna Gisella and the boy name is Gianni Gabriel. No changes the name is set in stone lol.


We chose Arik because we liked the name Erik, but already knew a lot of people with that name and spelling, so we used an A to make it his own. For our daughter Annika, we knew we wanted a name with strong Scandinavian influence (because our family is from there) and when we stumbled upon it, it rang nicely. It means "grace", which was a nickname of mine from my childhood (my family is also good-humored because I was NOT graceful, but the meaning is a good one and was another way to tie in family history). The names of our children are different in their own way but similar as well, and we like that saying the names together sounds like it was planned that way (Arik and Annika - kind of sounds like fairy tale characters :D ). We have been asked, if we have a third child, if they will also have an A name, and the answer is, we don't know. It seems like we planned it but we didn't, but it may be worth continuing the trend. :)


For my daughter, Kiera, I had initially wanted to name her Kayleigh but her father didnt like it because he felt it was too similar to his other child's name so after hearing the name Kiera on a tv show I chose it, then I gave her Leigh as a middle name which just so happens to be her father's middle name as well. For my son, I named him Kyle, which is just a name I've always really liked and his middle name is Daniel, named after one of my best friends.


With our daughter my husband got to pick the first name and I got to pick the middle name. I was dead set on Eden and he loved the name Julie he changed it to Julia to fit with Eden . Hopefully it will be that easy with the new baby


I wanted a biblical name and one that was rarely used. Jonah was one of my favorite bible stories, and I loved the sound and meaning of it. So, Jonah Steven it was. Steven is my husband's and his Daddy's first name.


I am just thinking of his name! I really want to name him Braxton but my fiancé wants a Jr. So, I am torn in between the two.

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How did you pick a name for your baby?
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