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Did you get your baby boy circumcised?

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I circumcised my son


I chose to not circumcise my twin boys, because whats really the point. My husband isnt circumcised and i also read that they dont even use anything for the pain when they are doing the circumcision i didnt want my twin boys going through that and then on top of that possibly get an infection


no my oldest is but not my two youngest. We learned its not needed nor does it help with anything. Its pointless.


My oldest son was not circumcised but his foreskin never retracted, so we had to take him to have it done at age 9. My second son was not circumcised either, but had no complications. I worry about his hygiene with it now since he so messy, I try not to worry about it. I used to bug him about it when he was little, he's 13 now, I would ask him every time I could after a shower, Did you pull back your skin and clean and rince really good. My last son was circumcised. His dad was all for it and after the nightmare of getting Nathan done so late I was ready to be done with that kind of thing.


Yes we had my son circumcised. My husband thought it would be best. No complications. Most likely the next one will be circumcised too.


Yes. The doctor did a great job. If I had another son I would do it again. I would
Never google that image, I can only imagine the nasty images they show.


I regretfully, ignorantly had my first boy mutilated. My second is and will remain intact, unless he decides to change that as an adult. Google botched circumcision. Friend request Brother K on Facebook and Twitter!


No my boyfriend was against it and after research I agree that it is better for him in the long run not to and the. Only reason for it would be cosmetic and we would rather go to the natural approach since the are reasons it is there in the first place but you would have to research it yourself to make an informed decision on rather or not you want to it is a personal decision and only you and your partner should have finally say your son will respect your decision as long as you or your partner teach him proper care that's all that's important either way


No, only because my Partner had a strong feeling against it. I personally could have gone either way. Sometime I wonder what he will think, he is only eight and he hasn't figured it out yet. At what age should I tell him.


Yes, and if we have any more we will. My husband was 8 when he got it done and he said it was the worst pain he'd ever experienced. I'm glad we got Malachi circumcised at a day old and if we have any more boys we will do it again.

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Did you get your baby boy circumcised?
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