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How to decide if I should keep my baby

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It depends on you.


Daunting question for every parent if it is the right time for a baby.
Am I Doing This for the “Right” Reasons? Is my partner ready?
Pregnancy and parenthood are both “on the job training” and hence, something you can never really “prepare” for. If you feel strongly about any issues, though, you should talk about them as a couple. Together you should decide how you feel about the fact that getting pregnant may not come easily, and what you want to do if it doesn’t


It all depend on the situation you are in and how you ONLY YOU feel about the next step!!


It's a blessing to have a baby. I wouldn't even think or have doubts about it.


I think whether or not you decide to keep the baby is ultimately a very personal decision. Do you have the means to raise the baby, at least with food and shelter? Under what circumstances was the baby conceived? Will the father be around? I think if you want to keep your baby, you should and you shouldn't let anyone pressure you otherwise. If you want to give your baby up though, know there are a lot of couples who would be more than willing to have the gift. It really just depends on where you are with your life and yourself.


Give that baby away. Honestly I think if you have to decide if you want to keep the baby you don't deserve the precious gift. Give the child to a loving family that will love the child and who are unable to have their own biological child/children. I understand it is a hard moment finding out you're pregnant but if you have to question keeping the baby give it up for adoption.


I'm keeping the baby. It's my child. I made it, no one else, so he/she is my responsibility. I'm not laying that in someone elses hands.


Personally, I believe in life for the baby. There are so many options when choosing life.

Just remember if you cannot care for a baby there are SO many couples looking for children who cannot have them themselves.

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How to decide if I should keep my baby
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