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Moms, how do you feel about smoking around kids

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I think that it's an awful habit. I think it shouldn't be done around kids. However I won't judge someone for doing it. It should never be done in a car with kids in it. It would make me so mad when I would take Noah to the pool and people would light up while he was swimming. They could have walked away. We would leave when that happened or go to the other end of the pool.


I give dirty looks. I cough loudly. I cover my mouth and nose. My mom died of lung cancer so I hate being around second-hand smoke and I remove my children from the area as quickly as I can.


I don't like it at all.

My father and grandfather both died from lung cancer, both were heavy smokers. My parents both smoked but my mom won't smoke in a vehicle with her grandchildren (at least with my children) and she tells them it isn't good for them. She even shoos them away from her when she is outside our house smoking.


I would love to see a law that makes it illegal to smoke with kids in the car! The kids have no choice but to inhale the second smoke and that is wrong on so many levels! I see this happen so often and feel so bad for those kids.


Smoking is a choice if a mom chooses to smoke it is her choice what she does but at the same time it is important not to smoke around the kid due to the risk of second hand smoke and the effects on young children.. so if a mother is going to smoke she should at least go out side... .

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Moms, how do you feel about smoking around kids
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