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Are stress and infertility related

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I think that extreme stress can affect fertility but rarely in ways that would lead to long term trouble with getting pregnant. Yes, you may have experienced a late or more light/heavy period, start smoking, drinking, lose interest in having sex, sleep too little or too much. It might be helpful to consider stress-reduction techniques such as yoga if you're TTC.


I think this is absolutely true! My hubby and I tried for months to get pregnant (before we even got married) and then decided to put baby plans on hold after I injured my back and shoulder and needed several surgeries. Then, the one night (seriously, ONE NIGHT) we could actually do anything between one body cast and going into another surgery we concieved... Amazingly I am one of few women who can say exactly when and where my son was concieved because 8 weeks before and 6 weeks after that night we physically could not be intimate


From an article I read just the other day about a study, it seems stress and fertility may, in fact, be related. It seems that old advice of "relax, and it'll happen" holds some truth. Women are more likely to conceive if they are not stressed out, so some meditation or a good vacation may be in order. I have met plenty of women who stopped "trying" and became pregnant very quickly.

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Are stress and infertility related
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