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3 year old baby girl: how to teach her to share?

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I teach my children to share and they really don't make a fuss about it. I feel like they have more fun playing together than fighting over one thing they both want. Kids need to know how to take turns. It teaches them patience and understanding. I have three kids and none of the toys are specifically one child's or another's. Even if it was bought for one its still shared between them all. This way there's no "That's mine! She can't play with that!" They seem to have no problem with that. Even when other kids come over or they go to someone else's house.


We always try and teach our kids to share and be considerate of others but that's not possible if they think that everything always has to be fair. When you teach them that sometimes you're up a little and then sometimes someone else is you teach them how to be successful and likable in a very unfair world.


We teach our children to share our common toys (the ones that are everyone's) but they are not forced to share their personal things. That hasn't made them any more selfish but given them a choice if they trust their sibling with their favorite things. I actually think our children in general are very generous.


I think forcing kids to share gives them negative feelings about sharing. Then they share because they have not because they want to. I try to teach my son to take turns.

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3 year old baby girl: how to teach her to share?
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