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Want baby now: safe tricks to induce labor

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I actually rode our motorcyle 12 hours before going into labor with julie. the viberation helped.


Ladys Ladys the only thing that really can induce a lobour is walking or just saying it to yourself. by that meaning Its all in the brain and when you say your ready to go into labour you' ll go into labour as easy as that.

I know I was in town for a few days and that day i decided to go home to the farm because i miss my hubby i went into abour. the next day my baby boy was there no questions asked.....


Labor is a chemical reaction inside of a woman's body. NO AMOUNT OF TRICKS/OLD WIVES TALES WILL INDUCE LABOR!!!!!!! lol I can't tell you how many different things I've heard that induce labor. Walking, Sex, certain kinds of drinks or foods... I know I posted here a year or so ago (even though it says three days). I ate pineapple my whole pregnancy. No labor. I drank raspberry tea my whole pregnancy. No labor. I walked as often as I could. I had sex. Noooo laborrrrr! :) I don't believe in old wives tales regarding pregnancy and labor. Babies come when babies are ready. :)


Thyme tea DEFINATELY induces labor. Take it 24hrs prior and it works 99.5% of the times.


I had to induce labor with both of my kids, there is a restaurant name Caioti pizza café they have a dressing they put on the salad that induces labor. I don't know that they have in N. Carolina but you can check it out the website is caiotipizzacafe.com they are know by the "Maternity"

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Want baby now: safe tricks to induce labor
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