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with my first I craved ice and had an aversion to black olives (one of my favorite foods). with my second I craved cantaloupe, black pepper, 85% dark chocolate (not together), and I had an aversion to potatoes and cilantro. This time I don't have any specific cravings, but I have an aversion to almost everything but mainly coffee (decaf or otherwise, I, a highly addicted person, quit coffee before I knew I was pregnant because this aversion was so strong ), burger (the smell makes me get sick- except for tacos, for some reason I can eat tacos if I must eat beef, but it is the only way I can stomach it.), and seafood. I can eat the seafood, but the smell of it cooking really makes me nauseous so my husband has to make it.


For some reason I cant get enough orange juice. I have a mini fridge in my bedroom and it is filled with those school lunch box o.j. drink boxes. I drink like 4 or 5 per day.


Well wit my first pregnancy I ate hotdogs and noodles together most of the time. I mean my carvings were out of control for my first child. Now my second pregnancy I ate salads and fruits all the time and every now and then I would want a milkshake. I don't know why I ate more healthy with my second it was just what I craved for. And I gained more weight than anything which I didn't get because I was eating nothing but salads.


Peanut butter sandwiches, fruit, and Mexican food...not together of course. I remember I only wanted peppers and tomatoes on my pizza when we had it. I didn't stomach meat too well.


Well with my last pregnancy I was so very sick that for the most part there wasn't a food I loved . It was more there were foods I couldn't stand . Carbs I ate more just because those seemed to help with the nausea . In the last month or so I did get really into Dryers peppermint ice cream . Just like a candy cane !! I was so hot and miserable it was nice to have the cold and the peppermint seemed to help with my stomach .

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Check your pregnancy week by week. Newborn
1. Omega-3s are great for my baby’s growing brain! I’m eating two meals of fish a week —but I’m avoiding fish that’s high in mercury.