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Best baby stuff: the most useful baby items

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We found a carrier easier to use for shopping then a stroller was. We use a wagon and push trike for walks outside.


Crib set & mobile in your chosen theme(if you don't already have one)

Blankets(receiving, regular and swaddling so you have a mixture)

Bath items(baby shampoo, lotion, powder, hooded towels, tub, grooming items, diaper rash cream)

Bottles(if bottle feeding or supplementing) or breast pump & supplies

Pacifiers(if you plan on using them) - several - you will lose them lol

Diapers & wipes(it's always nice to stock up on at least the first couple diaper sizes) or cloth diapering supplies

Baby wrap or carrier



Basic clothes(onesies, sleepers, socks)

Bibs & burp clothes

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Best baby stuff: the most useful baby items
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